Christian Louboutins, not boyfriends.

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I often find myself lost in a state of mind where I don’t know who I am, or what I’m doing. But then I remember something that my friend mentioned to me. He said “find your lyfegasm.” I was a little confused as I wasn’t following him. Then he furthered explained what it meant. “It’s a state of inexplicable emotion and pleasure caused by life that gives you purpose and complete happiness.”

It was exactly what I needed to hear as I was in a state of disdain. I made it a point to help others find themselves and find a purpose in their life. To help then find their why, find their lyfegasm moment.

As humans we often forget to give ourselves credit for our achievements. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who overlooks what I have achieved and put myself down thinking of ways I could have done better even though I achieved my goal.

We must learn to love ourselves more, and always be proud. We must be happier, and not worry so much. As cliche as it sounds, we really do only have one life to live so we might as well make it count. Be happy, be proud, and find your why.


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